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Certificate/Permit Management System

N0811300 600Frustrated? Disorganized?

Softweb's management systems may be able to help get you organized and relieve some of the frustration associated with it –

Our current certificate and permit management application allows you to enter and store important customers information, certificate holder details, permit and certification data plus upload documents and images for convenient storage and retrieval. The application is also designed to offer a bulk letter mailing system for customized email notifications.

With the ability to upload documents, store exam data, print out exam certificates for distribution and monitor testing results your staff will be grateful for the simplicity and usefulness that our application offers.  No more searching through paperwork to find a customer’s phone number, exam number or address. Upload documents, photos or pdfs to store with your customer’s file. Verify and issue certificates quickly when a customer arrives to pickup their documents.

Need to send notifications about upcomding renewals, reminders for exam appointments or certification pickup.This application can reduce the frustration associated with these tasks. The management system makes sorting certificates and exams by category, renewal date, issue date, country or location simple with just the click of a mouse. Save time and storage while maintaining an excellent customer relationship with your professional service.

Context, Solution, Results

filing cabinet delima

Misplaced documents, verification issues for certificate pickup, expired licenses, renewed permits -- all equate to a lot of paperwork and probably a few headaches. Efficient and proper filing have frequently been an issue with many organizations.

certificate dashboard

Personnel simply enters the proper data and the system files all the information for you electronically. Staff can then upload and access documents for verification without having to locate the proper filing cabinet or file.

Certificate Pickup

Staff has easy access and secure access to the documents and information that they need to do their job properly. Customers receive efficient and quality service. Space dedicated to filing documents can now be used more effectively.