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Tower / Antenna Management System (TAMS)

shutterstock 257751184The Tower / Antenna Management System (TAMS) is a web-based application designed to manage inventory, equipment, maintenance, documentation, sites and owners or operators associated with each location. It sounds simple, however TAMS is designed with business in mind. It takes the confusion of maintaining certificates, licenses, and frequencies and links them with their owners or contact personnel.

Imagine a system that is divided into separate categories that manage customers, owners, organizations and personnel. This section then links to the equipment and site manager where data is stored concerning site locations, power houses, towers, antennas and more. Each of these separate pieces of equipment could be owned or maintained by a separate person. The TAMS management system now makes it simple to connect the persons with the equipment and sites.

Now imagine the ability to assign and manage frequencies, this section will also link up with the person and organization manager along with the equipment and site manager. So you will have efficient access to data pertaining to the frequency holder, type of frequency, documents pertaining to the frequency and more.

And that’s not all … Softweb’s developers also included a task management system, allowing personnel the ability to create, monitor and assign tasks for maintenance and office personnel. Maintenance personnel and inspectors can now use a smartphone or tablet to connect with the application onsite. This allows them to upload pictures and data as they are completing their inspection or work. Reducing the risk of errors since the information is fresh in their minds.

The TAMS application is secured from unauthorized access through an encrypted login page. Users are assigned access levels and permissions for each division of the TAMS application, reducing the risk of data or documents being accessed or manipulated and ensuring your company’s security and your customer’s privacy.

Context, Solution, Results

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Currently there is not a cost effective automated solution to collect and maintain information on towers, antenna and associated equipment. Data is being shared via e-mail and printouts. This is a cumbersome process that requires impeccable organization and communication to avoid mistakes, expired licenses and overdue inspections.

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The Tower/Antenna Management System (TAMS) is an application which enables organizations to maintain up-to-date records on equipment, sites, organizations, maintenance and inspection records and more through a secure network. Since this is a web-based application, access can be gained through the internet allowing on-site access.

tams Results

The ability to access the TAMS system on-site has become a great asset for our customers. Inspectors can now upload drone footage and images for managers and critical personnel to view at the office. Decisions about critical maintenance is efficient and access to records about each site and related sites is great. Overall performance has improved.